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Hubert Kaplan

In 1946 Hans Grohmann founded his publishing and art dealers business. Before the second world war he had been writing about art and architecture and, therefore, was well known in artist's studios. So his first artist to work with were famous names as Otto Pippel, E.H.Compton, Josef Burger, Erich Bröcker, Hans Maurus and Halberg-Kraus.

After the war he had a hard time travelling. As no cars were available it had to be done by train carrying a package of paintings. The sales were good, but that changed when the Deutsche Mark was introduced. Every adult citizen received 80 Deutsche Mark, so nobody had money to buy a painting. When finally a governmental employee bought a E.H.Compton in size 60 x 80 cm, this was a real sensation in the studios.

Interesting to mention that at that time a painting by Otto Pippel in size 50x 60 cm costs 400 DM. An enormous price considering that a family with three persons could make their living with 100 DM per month.

Founder of firm Hans Grohmann
But the interest in paintings was very big and business was growing. Many new painters made the assortment more and more interesting and some of them became real friends to the firm, as Ludwig Gschosmann, Gerd Dickmeis, H.A.Volkwein, Alex Follak, only to mention some of them.

1956 Hellmut Grohmann, the 2. generation, entered into the business and now was the possibility to expand further. Export started, most important were the USA and Canada, Buying was very interesting in France where he had contacts to Chagal and Picasso and to José Puyet.

The years full of activity passed by and after finishing his studies Peter Grohmann, the 3. generation entered into the business scuring continuity and tradition. Great importance is attached to promote artists and consult customers.

Most important now ist the sale of oil paintings and water colours of national and international artists.We only carry living artist.